PIPEWRAP is Marvon’s intumescent seal realized to guarantee fire resistance up to EI 240 of isolated combustible and incombustible pipes.

PIPEWRAP is composed of a graphite-based thermo-expanding material that reacts, in case of fire, sealing the crossing.

Application field

The PIPEWRAP seal must be embedded inside the support: flexible wall (plasterboard), rigid wall (masonry, concrete or aerated concrete), rigid floor (concrete, aerated concrete).

It has a fire resistance up to El 240 classified according to EN 13501-2 for:

  • Combustible pipes (PVC-U, PVC-C,PE HD, PE, ABS, SAN+PVC, PP, PE-RT, PE-RT/AL/PE-RT, PE-X, PE-X/AL/PE-X, PP-R, PP-R/AL/PP-R, PP-R/PP-R-GF/PP-R).
  • Combustible soundproof pipes (es. Valsir Triplus®, Valsir Silere®, Valsir PP3, Valsir Blackfire®)
  • Multilayer pipes (es. Valsir Mixal®, Valsir Pexal®)
  • Incombustible pipes insulated with combustible insulation
  • Flexible wall minimum 125 mm
  • Floor and rigid wall minimum thickness 150 mm

Technical data

Fire resistance

Up to El 240

Fire reaction



60x2 mm - 100x2 mm


60x2 mm weight 3,70 kg
100x2 mm weight 6,00 kg



Intumescent material

  • Graphite based
  • Minimum expansion temperature 150°C
  • Average expansion time less than 10 minutes


Anthracite grey

Content, emission and/or release of angerous substances

Performance not assessed


Unlimited (in normal conditions)

Working life

10 years


Embedded inside the supports, rigid walls, flexible walls and floors

Sistema AVCP


Standard rules and certifications

  • Test Standard: EN 1366-3
  • Fire Classification Standard: EN 13501-2.
  • European Assessment Document: EAD 350454-00-1104