TECNOGRILLE is Marvon’s firestop grille studied and designed to guarantee fire resistance up to EI 120 for ventilation holes on rigid walls and floors.

TECNOGRILLE consists of a rectangular and round steel casing with a graphite-based thermo-expanding material inside that reacts when exposed to heat, sealing the crossing during a fire.

Application field

Marvon’s TECNOGRILLE can be installed on: rigid walls (masonry/concrete or aerated concrete), rigid floors (concrete or aerated concrete).

The intumescent material inside the grille expands during the fire and seal the hole completely, preventing flames and smoke from entering adjacent rooms, guaranteeing EI sealing and insulation requirements.

It has a fire resistance up to EI 120 classified according to the EN 13501-2 standard for:

  • Empty holes.

Technical data

Fire resistance

Up to EI 120

Air flow




Intumescent material

  • Graphite base
  • Minimum expansion temperature 140°C


Steel (anthracite insert)


Unlimited (in normal conditions)

Standard rules and Certifications

  • Test Standard: EN 1364-1 1365-2.
  • Fire Classification Standard: EN 13501-2.
  • Classification Report: 03381.2/21/Z00NZP.