First Sustainability Report

Sustainability meant in its 3 aspects, environmental, social and economic, plays a fundamental role in Marvon entrepreneurial activity. The strong bond between the company and the territory, together with the potentialities offered today by sustainability and responsible economy, gave the green light to a series of activities in this direction. These activities are described in Marvon’s first Sustainability Report, born from the will of creating a more open dialogue with our Stakeholders, communicating not only what already done, but also the goals set for the future.

The report illustrates the activities of the period 2014-2015, but this being the first edition, we extended the vision as far as 2010, in order to have an overview on the five years.

In writing the report, we stuck to the G4 guidelines by GRI and the report deals with the 3 main themes for Marvon: Environment and Energy, People and Territory, Processes and Alliance of Values.