Molding and electroplating under contract

We implement your projects and follow you during each phase
guaranteeing maximum quality:

Marvon has over 50 years of experience in galvanic chrome plating on plastics.

The first treatments date back to 1968; since then the company has constantly innovated, updated and improved its processes and production facilities to offer the market the cutting edge of the technical solution. That is why today Marvon is one of the reference galvanic in Europe for the chrome plating of plastics in different sectors and fields of application.

The management’s strong commitment to production excellence, combined with the requirements of an increasingly demanding market gave a boost to the optimization of the production process, which, over recent years, has been completely automated and enhanced with the introduction of software that allows for maximum production flexibility and the utmost severity in the respect for specifications.

The items we process are subjected to strict processing parameters detailed in specific technical data sheets that meet the customer's needs.

At the end of each production cycle, accurate quality controls are carried out to ensure that each galvanized piece lives up to the expectations of the end customer.

Processo galvanico<br/>passo passo

Galvanic process: step by step explanation

The company has a chemical pretreatment line and an electrolytic line. The moulded pieces are placed on special frames and subjected to treatments aimed at obtaining the metallization of the piece, by subsequent immersion in adjacent tanks...

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Stampaggio con presse elettriche

Moulding and new electric presses

Starting from the company philosophy devoted to reducing the use of raw materials, great attention is paid to the development of new moulds that allow minimised trim production and their reuse (trims are those parts that remain outside the mould and then become waste material)...

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Turnkey projects

Made in Italy has always been a strong point, it is also for Marvon, but we went beyond.
Marvon accompanies customers in the development of the idea transforming it into a finished product.

Thanks to our transversal research and development and technical team, we analyze from the first phase the industrial feasibility of our customers' requests, accompanying them from the design phase of the mold (design and construction) to the galvanic molding and finishing phase, which is why we like to call it "TAILOR-MADE": made to suit the customer’s needs.

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Progetti chiavi in mano

Advantages of our electroplating treatments

  • A very modern plant, among the most advanced in Italy.
  • Wide range of available finishes
  • High quality of treatment
  • Constant control of production cycle
  • Compliance with the strictest anti-pollution standards
  • Rapid delivery times


Nichel lucido

Polished nickel

Nichel satinato

Satin nickel

Cromo lucido

Polished chrome

Cromo satinato

Satin chrome

Oro lucido

Polished gold

Oro satinato

Satin gold

Electroplating treatments do not fall under the provisions of the Directive RoHS 2011/65/UE and can be performed on: ABS, ABS-PC (Bayblend), Thermoset

Over 80,000 pieces receive electroplating treatment every day.

Processo galvanico - laseratura

Laser engraving

The last highlight of the services offered by Marvon is the lasering on previously galvanized pieces

How the incision works:

Laser engraving has many advantages over the traditional technique. To make it possible the material is heated from the laser that, depending on frequency, power and speed parameters, changes colour creating a contrast on material’s surface. The engraving thus obtained is long-lasting and resistant to abrasion. Laser technology makes it possible to create extremely defined and refined decorative elements with the utmost precision. It has an incredible definition of detail and can reproduce everything we can draw. We can then go to create and reproduce all the writings or logos on any surface, the contrast obtained varies depending on the basic material. This gives us the possibility to customize the galvanized pieces of any finish, the plastic and stainless steel materials, and all the accessories of the technical furniture sector.

A fundamental feature is respect for the environment. Laser marking is carried out without the use of polluting products with the possibility of further customizing the workpiece with the logo desired by the customer.

Processo galvanico - spazzolatura

Brushing (Stainless steel effect)

We have decided to expand the range of finishes offered with further processing that allows us to give the items a stainless steel-like appearance.

First of all, the plastic molded pieces must be subjected to galvanic processing double polished nickel, this will allow them to be mechanically brushed.

The effect obtained means that the pieces can be used in many fields of application: from accessories for kitchens (knobs, grab rails) to those intended for high quality bathroom and shower furniture.

Quality without compromise

Marvon has a fully equipped laboratory for the most scrupulous quality controls in terms of the inspection of incoming raw materials, the parameters of the electroplating baths and the wastewaters. During the production process tests with saline mist are also performed, the verification of the thickness of the deposits with the possibility of performing crash tests.

Particular attention is paid to the environmental impact and the environmental management system was certified in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001.

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