Frequent questions

What type of material do you chrome?

The plastic materials that we treat with electroplating (chrome, gold and nickel plating) are: NEUTRAL ABS FOR CHROMING, THERMOSET (PHENOLIC RESINS) - BAYBLEND (MIX OF POLYCARBONATE AND ABS) WITH A MAXIMUM PERCENTAGE OF POLYCARBONATE OF 45%.

Do you chrome nylon?

No, we do not chrome nylon.

Do you chrome zamak or other metals?

No, our plant is structured for the processing of plastic materials only.

To commission a job do I have to create the equipment?

Yes, to obtain the best result in terms of quality and production it is essential to have specialized equipment.

What is the percentage of waste?

It is the physiological value of the electroplating process determined by the complexity of the production process and the compliance with the high quality standards that you request and we guarantee.

Do I have to observe a minimum batch?

Yes, and it corresponds with a number of pieces that make up a bar. This is to guarantee the uniform distribution of power to all of the pieces and ensure the maximum possible level of quality.

From when I send the rough material, when can I expect delivery?

The start of production depends on two factors: the degree of saturation of the production capacity when the material is sent and the production program; in general processing starts no later than 72 hours from receipt of the material and delivery depends on the batch sent for processing.

Is it true that there is a European standard that provides for the elimination of hexavalent chromium?

NO, there is no European regulation that imposes the replacement of chromium VI. The regulation CE N. 1907/2006 (REACH) does not impose replacement of CHROME VI, but provides for the authorization for its use as of 21 September 2017.

In this regard, we remind you that chromium VI is present inside decorative chroming and etching baths, but is not present on parts supplied to clients in that a layer of chromium metal (CHROME 0) is deposited on the parts and is completely INERT.