Frequent questions

Do I need to use special tools to apply the seals?

Pressure (about 10-15 N/cm) can be applied manually or by using a roller or a press for surfaces.

At what temperature does expansion of the seal commence?

The Tecnoflame seal starts expanding at a temperature of approximately 180°C. Above this temperature, hardening commences which increases the mechanical resistance of the seal.

Are there any special recommendations for storing your seals?

Yes, the ideal storage temperature is between 18 °C and 25 °C with normal conditions of humidity (50-70%).

Can I apply your seals to painted surfaces?

The adhesive used on our seals has already been tried and tested on the most widely used paints on the market (powder, water, epoxy, etc.). As all surfaces have their own peculiarities, we prefer however to verify their performance. We would therefore require the technical details of the paint that you intend using and a sample on the surface where the seal will be applied in order to perform the adhesion test (peeling test) in our laboratories. This process is required to ensure the total safety of the use of our product.

Can I apply the seals directly on the building site?

It is not recommended, however, if it is necessary for you then we recommend cleaning the surface accurately to avoid any impurities or dirt remaining between the surface and the adhesive that would have a negative effect on the performance of the seal. During application, the climatic conditions should not be unfavourable: if temperatures are too low, there is the risk of crystallization of the adhesive; if the temperatures on the other hand are too high, there is the risk of the adhesive melting. These situations occur only during application when there are chemical transformations of the glue in contact with extreme temperatures. This does not happen when application is performed at "normal" temperatures (18 °C to 25 °C) followed by installation. Furthermore, the adhesion force reaches its peak after approximately 24 hours; our advice therefore is to apply the seal inside in a factory.

Do you have the CE mark?

"The handles in general do not require the CE mark. Our handles fully meet the German standard DIN 18273. Whereas the CE mark is not applicable for the seals in that currently in the EU there is no unified standard that is valid for the EU member states. Collars: At the moment there is no unified product standard. There is, however, the option to declare compliance with the fire tests in the reference standard (EN 1366) and therefore to apply the CE mark even though it is not required by law. Although it is not obligatory Marvon has commenced procedures to obtain the CE marking due to pressure from the market."

Can I purchase quantities of seals that are less than those indicated on the catalogue?

Our prices have been calculated for minimum quantities that allow us to be competitive, however, if you need to alter the quantities please contact our sales offices.

Are your seals only supplied in coils?

No, they can also be supplied in straight lengths to suit your requirements.

Why is a 9 mm spindle used in the handle when the market uses an 8 mm spindle?

Marvon is specialized in fire prevention products and has adopted the German standard DIN 18-273, which requires fire stop handles with a 9x9 spindle. There is however, a reducer that can be used with 8 mm spindles, if necessary. Please note, however, that in this case the handle would no longer comply with DIN 18-273.

Do you have a seal with a REI 60 - 120?

The resistance classification REI 60-120 refers to the door panel system, not to the seal. Our seal contributes positively to reaching the fire resistance times established by the standards in force.

Are all your seals supplied with adhesive?

Most of our clients require this type of product; we do however also regularly supply shaped seals for particular profiles. In the case of wooden doors, for example, we recommend our wood seal that is inserted mechanically, available in various colours that are a good match for more elegant doors.

Is it possible to purchase seals in other colours besides those on your catalogue?

Certainly. There are minimum purchase quantities to be agreed upon with our sales office.

Do you supply panic handles?

NO, but we can recommend other companies that produce them.

Do you supply locks?

NO, but we can recommend other companies that produce them.

Do you also supply open-close knobs?

No, ours are inactive knobs for technical fire doors, not multi-use doors.

In the event of fire does your handle burn?

Naturally, it is made of plastic and plastic melts at high temperatures, but because it is produced following the most severe standards, the inside is made of a steel core that allows rescue teams to open the door at any time.

Do you have aluminium handles?

No, but we have a complete series in stainless steel.

I produce pantograph doors, do you have matching coloured handles?

Certainly, Marvon offers a wide range of colours from which you can choose the shade that best suits your requirements.