TECNOCOLLAR is Marvon’s fire collar designed and developed to ensure fire resistance up to El 240 of penetration seals on wall and floor according to EN 1366-3.

TECNOCOLLAR is composed of a white coated steel shell that splits in two to fit around the service penetrations by means of a simple "side lock" system. Inside it is fitted with an intumescent graphite based reactive material that in case of fire reacts sealing the crossing.

Application field

TECNOCOLLAR can be used on flexible wall (plasterboard), rigid wall (masonry, concrete and aerated concrete) and on rigid floor (concrete or aerated concrete).

It has a fire resistance up to El 240 classified according to EN 13501-2 for:

  • Combustible pipes (PVC-U, PVC-C, PE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, ABS, SAN+PVC, PP)
  • Combustible soundproof pipes (e.g. Valsir Triplus®, Valsir Silere®, Valsir PP3, Valsir Blackfire®)
  • Insulated incombustible pipes (copper or steel)
  • Single or bundled electrical cables
  • Empty holes
Tecnocollar montaggio semplificato
Tecnocollar montaggio semplificato

Technical data

Fire resistance

Up to El 240

Fire reaction

Performance not assessed


Ø 32 - 315 mm

Collar's height

50 - 60 - 75 mm


Powder coated steel (1 mm thickness)

Intumescent material

Graphite based
Minimum expansion temperature 105°C
Expansion ratio 1:17
Expansion pressure 65.4 N
Graphite weight 1.4 kg/m2 per mm thickness
Graphite density 1,409 kg/m3


White charcoal gray

Airborne sound insulation

Rw (C; Ctr) = 58 (-1; -7) dB

Content, emission and/or release of dangerous substances

IA1, S/W3


Unlimited (in normal conditions)

Working life

30 years


Z2: use for internal conditions (relative humidity between 50% - 85% and temperature not below 0°C)

AVCP system


Installation phases

Montaggio tecnocollar: fase 01

Make a hole in the wall or floor and insert the pipe (remove any debris).

Montaggio tecnocollar: fase 02

Close any gaps between the pipe and the supporting construction with Marvon acrylic sealant TECNO-S 240, and if necessary, use mineral wool.

Montaggio tecnocollar: fase 03

Position and close the collar TECNOCOLLAR against the supporting construction.

Montaggio tecnocollar: fase 04

Drill the holes and fix the collar with suitable screws according to the type of supporting construction.

Standard rules and certifications

  • Test Standard: EN 1366-3
  • Fire Classification Standard: EN 13501-2
  • European Assessment Document: EAD 350454-00-1104
  • European Technical Assessment: ETA 22/0430