TECNOGRAPHIT is Marvon’s bicomponent polyurethane foam with graphite designed and developed to ensure fire resistance up to EI 180 of penetration seals on wall and floor according to EN 1366-3.

TECNOGRAPHIT is applied with a particular gun that mixes the two components trough a special application nozzle. Once hardened, it can be cut using a cutter or other tools. When exposed to fire, it expands at 150°C further increasing its volume thanks to the presence of graphite.

Application field

TECNOGRAPHIT can be used on flexible wall (plasterboard), on rigid wall (masonry, concrete or aerated concrete) and on rigid floor (concrete or aerated concrete).

It has a fire resistance up to EI 180 classified according to EN 13501-2 for:

  • Combustible pipes (PVC-U, PVC)
  • Insulated multilayer pipesi
  • Insulated incombustible pipes (copper or steel)
  • Cable trays and corrugated pipes
  • Empty holes

N.B. The foam is used in case of penetration of mixed services.

Technical data

Fire resistance

Up to EI 180

Fire reaction

Performance not assessed


Bicomponent polyurethane foam with graphite



Expansion ratio

1:3/5 (free expansion)

Increase of volume

Ca 1,1 - 1,6 dm3 (l)

Installation temperature

10 - 35°C

Reaction time

Ca 10 sec.

Drying time

Ca 30 sec.

Cutting possibility

Ca 1 min.


Red/dark brown


12 months (under normal conditions)

Standard rules and certifications

  • Fire Classification Standard: EN 13501-2
  • Classification Reports:
    • I.G. 340264/3836FR - floor - penetration seal M
    • I.G. 357003/3959FR - wall - penetration seal L
    • I.G. 361718/3981FR - wall - infill F