TECNOBAG is Marvon’s fire bag designed and developed to ensure fire resistance up to El 120 of penetration seals on wall and floor according to EN 1366-3.

TECNOBAG consists of a special mixture of inert material, intumescent material and insulating material inside a fiberglass housing. At 180°C, the expansion process begins, hence insulating the penetration seals.

Application field

TECNOBAG can be used on flexible wall (plasterboard), on rigid wall (masonry, concrete or aerated concrete) and on rigid floor (concrete or aerated concrete).

It has a fire resistance up to El 120 classified according to EN 13501-2 for:

  • Cable trays

Technical data

Fire resistance

Up to EI 120

Fire reaction

B-s1, d0


100x120x25 - 200x120x30


300 g/pz +/- 30 g - 600 g/pz +/- 60 g


Unlimited (under normal conditions)

Working life

10 years


Y2:intended for use at temperatures below 0°C, but without exposure to UV and rain.
Includes lower classes Z1 and Z2.

AVCP system


Standard rules and certifications

  • Test Standard: EN 1366-3
  • Fire Classification Standard: EN 13501-2
  • European Assessment Document: ETAG 026-2
  • European Technical Assessment: ETA 16/0733