TECNOWRAP is Marvon’s intumescent seal designed and developed to ensure fire resistance up to El 240 of penetration seals on wall and floor according to EN 1366-3.

TECNOWRAP is composed of an intumescent graphite based reactive material that in case of fire reacts sealing the crossing.

Application field

TECNOWRAP can be used on: flexible wall (gypsum), rigid wall (masonry, concrete and aerated concrete), timber wall, rigid floor (concrete or aerated concrete), timber floor.

It has a fire resistance up to El 240 classified according to EN 13501-2 for:

  • Combustible pipes (PVC-U, PVC-C, PE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, ABS, SAN+PVC, PP)
  • Combustible soundproof pipes (Valsir Triplus®, Valsir Silere®, Valsir PP3, Valsir Blackfire®)
  • Multilayer pipes.
  • Incombustible pipes.

N.B. The annular space around TECNOWRAP is sealed with TECNOBOARD.

Technical data

Fire resistance

Up to El 240

Fire reaction

Performance not assessed


50x1,8 mm

Roll length

25 m


3,2 kg/pz

Intumescent material

  • Graphite based
  • Minimum expansion temperature 105°C
  • Average expansion time less than 10 minutes
  • Expansion ratio 1:28
  • Expansion pressure 55 N
  • Graphite weight 1.3 kg/m2 per mm thickness
  • Graphite density 1,300 kg/m3
  • With biadhesive


Anthracite grey

Content, emission and/or release of dangerous substances

IA1, S/W3


Unlimited (in normal conditions)

Working life

25 years


X: use with exposure to atmospheric agents

AVCP system


Standard rules and certifications

  • Test Standard: EN 1366-3.
  • Fire Classification Standard: EN 13501-2.
  • European Assessment Document: EAD 350454-00-1104.
  • European Technical Assessment: ETA 22/0429.